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Build Your Own Smart Repair Business

If you're looking for a career in a business with a limitless supply of customers and fantastic earnings potential then Smart Repair is for you! Did you know that there are over 37 million vehicles on the road in the UK and more than 30 million of them are cars.

Two-thirds of drivers say their vehicles have been damaged in car parks and according to the AA most car park prangs result in minor scrapes or dints that don't justify making an insurance claim.

How Much Can You Earn?

A new report by Accident Exchange suggests that UK drivers are involved in half a million car park prangs every year – that’s an average of almost 1400 per day!

That's a huge market to go at even before you consider all the car dealers and fleet companies that have vehicles to repair on a daily basis.

With average dent repair prices at £40 you only have to do 5 dents per day to make £1000 per week!

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