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Learn How To Become A PDR or Smart Repair Technician

Smart Repair Training have the knowledge and experience to train you in the art of Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) and a full range of Smart Repairs including Paint Repairs, Bumper Scuff & Scratch Repairs Plus Interior Seat and Dash Repairs.

The company founders have over 20 years experience in the car industry and both run their own successful dent removal and smart repair businesses in the Northwest UK.

Our smart repair and PDR dent removal courses in Bradford cover everything from in-depth training to tools of the trade and where to get them, right through to how to build a loyal customer base and grow a successful business.

Our Smart Repair Courses Include:

train to become a smart repair technician

Why Choose A Career in Smart Repair?

There are over 37 million vehicles on the road in the UK. Two-thirds of drivers say their vehicles have been damaged in car parks. According to the AA most car park prangs result in minor scrapes or dints that don't justify making an insurance claim.
That's where you come in!

Start Your Own Smart Repair Business in Bradford

Careers in Smart Repair and Paintless Dent Removal offer a wealth of opportunity for the creative minded entrepreneur seeking an excellent business opportunity.

The services offer by Smart Repair and PDR Technicians attract a wide array of customers including car dealerships, car rental companies, bodyshops, companies with fleets of vehicles, car auctions and of course the general public.

Without the need for expensive premises, working as a mobile smart repair or PDR technician you can build a sustainable, successful business and achieve excellent profit margins.

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